We are updating our mission statement in October 2018 to better support the world around us. Stay tuned!

Who We Are

MONT Apparel is the nature inspired apparel startup from Vermont, with a focus on the natural world and its surrounding adventure. We believe in exploring the world around us, and making the most of adventurous, healthy lives. Empower yourself - new adventures await.

MONT Apparel believes in promoting the exploration and interest of nature. We believe in creating a brand that changes the way that future generations look at their opportunities in life. Through premium quality adventure apparel, we believe that we can inspire individuals to get up, go out, and explore. Living life to the fullest and seeing amazing places just beyond the horizon changes society as a whole, and can even make somebody's life more successful. Taking in everything around us is extremely important, and our goal is to mix a modern lifestyle into nature by making exploration and adventure something that can be stylish, fun, exciting, and healthy!